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RP PorchBoard Front Detail - Click to see full sized image
Two Outputs: 1/4" & XLR

The PorchBoard Bass  has sufficient output to drive typical line-level inputs  without the use of a preamp.  No batteries or additional power sources are required.
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How does it work?

Our patented passive proximity sensor system creates an analog, clean bass beat without the common low-end amplification problems of noise, feedback or delay.  It is designed to produce a tone in the 33-100 Hz range (very low). The 33 Hz (with a strong 99 Hz harmonic) was selected because it offers a strong supportive bass "thump" in any key- similar to a large marching band bass drum. Often the nature of the sound tends to resemble a note when another instrument (such as a guitar) suggests a note.

From his prior work in the automobile industry, Bill Stevens (the inventor of the PorchBoard) was familiar with electrically tuning a magnetic sensor for specific applications. This was the basis for our 'proximity sensor system', which uses a tuned, magnetic sensor that is capable of producing a very low dominate pitch when approached by a ferrous transducer plate.

By eliminating the common problems associated with the resonant surfaces used with microphone and piezo pickups and by eliminating the wide range frequencies that are used with guitar style pickups, the PorchBoard can consistently produce a specific, rich, low-end thump without noise or feedback.