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Why Introduce a New Model?

We have been listening to musicians for years as they told us what they liked and didn't like about the PorchBoard Floor Bass. They told us they wanted:

  • Keep the same great sound
  • Keep it stable on the stage
  • Make it smaller / lighter
  • Make it more comfortable to use standing up

We were able to keep the sound and tweak the design to make the toe rail (the longest part) about 4 inches shorter. As we did that, it was also possible to give it a lower profile from the floor so that the top of the Toe Rail (where you tap) is now about 2 3/4 inches from the floor instead of 4 inches. This meant that we could lower the Heel Rail (where you rest your heel) down to 1 1/4 inch which is down from 3 1/8 inches in the previous models. This means that the new PorchBoard is as comfortable to use while standing as it is while seated.  We used to ship two different Heel Rails: one for sitting, one for standing. The new design suits both positions.
See Compare the RP to previous models for details.

With less material overall, we had a lighter PorchBoard, but we kept it large enough to be really stable on stage. It won't move around as you tap it. It stays steady underfoot no matter how enthusiastically you stomp it.