Instructions for Set Up and Use

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The PorchBoard Bass plugs directly into an amplification system (set up much like a bass guitar would be) using a quarter inch to quarter inch guitar cord or an XLR cord (or both simultaneously).  No additional power sources or batteries are required.

Begin tapping (heel on heel rail and toe on suspended toe rail) with a very simple beat, tapping once or twice each measure.  With a little practice you will develop your own style and rhythm and your PorchBoard playing will become automatic.

Adjust the amplifier controls for tone and adequate volume.  We suggest using a maximum setting on the low end (bass) control and then adjust the volume control so that a good sound is achieved with minimum tapping effort.  Extreme tapping efforts are not necessary.

The Porchboard is designed to produce a tone in the 33-100 HZ range (very low).  The 33 HZ (with a strong 99 HZ harmonic) was selected because it offers a strong supportive bass "thump" in any key- similar to a large marching band bass drum.  Often the nature of the sound tends to resemble a note when another instrument (such as a guitar) suggests a note.

Excellent results can be obtained by using a quality bass amp, keyboard amp, capable PA system, powered subwoofer (the PorchBoard has adequate output to drive most most line-level inputs without the use of a pre-amp or any amplification system) that can reproduce these low frequencies at adequate levels.

The new RP model replaces all previous models. It features a three way frequency response switch designed to match the frequency range of an increased number of amplifiers with higher frequency sound capability.  The L (low) setting allows the very low bass, perfect for subwoofer or quality bass amp usage.  The M (mix) setting filters a mix of low and high frequencies, and the H (high) setting provides for high end, stompbox slap.