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August 24, 2010

Introducing the new PorchBoard SlapBass.  Building on the proximity sensor technology developed for the PorchBoard FloorBass, the PorchBoard SlapBass is designed to put an array of sounds in the hands of the player rather than underfoot. The PorchBoard SlapBass is a guitar strap instrument that offers both high and low tones, allowing a terrific, percussive groove with simple finger slaps.

Re-engineering the original sensor system into a full frequency mode allows the SlapBass to produce an array of low and high end sounds based on by the players choice of amplification, EQ, and technique. The result is an instrument that far exceeds the original expectations.

  $339.95 + 15 Shipping

An array of sounds in your handsThe SlapBass can be played in left or right hand modes using one or both hands. It is sensitive enough for fingertip tapping and strong enough for full handed slaps. Basic beats can be achieved with a zero learning curve, yet it is sophisticated enough for a virtuoso performance. In general, low frequencies are found in the midsection of the tone rail and higher frequencies are at both ends.  Dampening occurs when idle fingers are left touching the rail. Like with a guitar, every new player will have his or her own style and sound but unlike a guitar, they can do it now. Buy it today, play it tonight. Comes with gig bag.
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  • Constructed using recycled & reclaimed plastic and wood (Trex)
  • Passive - no batteries or additional power sources are  required.
  • No noise, feedback or delay
  • Carry bag included

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  SlapBass with included shoulder strap - click for larger image
An array of sounds in you hands: This is a musical instrument you can learn intuitively from the first touch.  Field testing showed unbelievable results. The SlapBass was placed in the hands of a multitude of players in performance/stage settings. From innocent but willing nonmusicians to seasoned percussion pros, all were able to achieve some type of a groove immediately. All advanced their capability in the term of one song, some exponentially. All of the performers were reluctant to give up the instrument. The entire lot, pros and amateurs alike, agreed the fun factor was extreme.
Recording from non-percussionist using it for the first time. Please use headphones or good speakers. This was recorded direct from the SlapBass to the recorder - no EQ or effects. You can hear the PorchBoard Bass in the second half of the recording.